56 invited for Canada PR under BC PNP Tech draw

By Eva Olsen [Published 15 Jul, 2021 | 03:39 AM] 490
56 invited for Canada PR under BC PNP Tech draw

Now reaching a total of 6225 provincial nominations, BC has outperformed every other Canadian province since the beginning of 2021.

In the recent news BC has invited 56 new immigration candidates through its Tech draws to apply for a provincial nomination dated 13 July 2021. The invites issued are focused on candidates who exceed in key technology occupations as listed on the provincial employment chart.

These invitations come as part of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). And to qualify one must meet the requirements of BC's Express Entry and Skills immigration categories, which is solely governed by the Skills and Immigration Registration System (SIRS).

Those fortunate ones who have received a nomination under the Tech draws were mostly from the Skilled Worker and International Graduate subcategories with a minimum provincial threshold of 80 points.

Candidates who were granted the invitation have 30 calendar days to apply for the nomination.

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About the BC PNP Tech program

The BC PNP Tech came into inception in May 2017 as a pilot program to meet the labor market deficit of tech aspirants. Realizing its success in the recent years, the Canadian federal government has proclaimed to make this pilot program permanent to further benefit the growing needs of the British Columbia technology sector.

Having proved its purpose BC government proclaimed that they intend to keep this program -- permanent.

This fast-track pilot program is intended for candidates in the in-demand tech workers and international (tech) students stream for a Canadian permanent residence

Aspiring candidates must have an application registered in any one of BC's existing provincial immigration streams. The applicant must also have a valid job offer from a BC employer for a duration of12 months in one of the 29 eligible occupations listed in the BC tech employment chart.

Invitations are sent out on weekly basis to the highest-ranking candidates. Those invited must also meet the eligibility requirements of the province.

Those invited to apply for Canadian PR under the BC tech pilot must submit an application to the provincial authority. Once this is done, it generally takes not more than 03 months to process the application, Tech aspirants can by the time prepare for additional requirements as needed when you move to Canada.

Once the application is approved, the candidate will receive a confirmation from BC which can be used to avail for a Canada PR from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the Provincial Nominee Program Class.

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