Quebec RSWP latest invites 1,009 candidates
By Eva Olsen [Published 30 Sep, 2022 | 04:17 PM]

Quebec has invited 1,009 immigration candidates to apply for a provincial nomination in the most recent draw,... Read More

Quebec's biggest draw 2022: Invites 1,202 candidates
By Joseph Parker [Published 22 Sep, 2022 | 07:36 AM]

Quebec has invited 1,202 immigration candidates to apply for provincial nomination in the most recent draw,... Read More

Quebec invites 58 new skilled immigrants in latest draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 24 Aug, 2022 | 10:20 AM]

As of August 11, Quebec has invited 58 immigration candidates to apply for a permanent selection. The... Read More

65 Occupations added to fill in-demand jobs in Quebec
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 06 Jun, 2022 | 06:05 AM]

The Quebec government, on May 27th, released an updated list of the occupations eligible for the Facilitated... Read More

30 Immigration Candidates Invited To New Quebec Arrima Draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 17 May, 2022 | 04:40 AM]

On May 5th, Quebec conducted a new draw under the Arrima Expression of Interest (EOI) system. This Quebec... Read More

Quebec to welcome over 71,000 permanent residents in 2022
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 13 May, 2022 | 04:23 AM]

Immigration to Quebec is going to be on another level - as the "La Belle Province” plans on inviting... Read More

Quebec Needs More Workers To Fill Market Shortages
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 22 Apr, 2022 | 04:31 AM]

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted Quebec’s labor force. Quebec started off in 2022 with a... Read More

Quebec releases new In-demand Occupations list for 2022
By Eva Olsen [Published 26 Feb, 2022 | 04:52 AM]

In a recent update, Quebec has released of occupations-in-demand list that are to be benefited under the... Read More

Quebec invited 523 candidates in the latest Arrima Draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 23 Feb, 2022 | 03:34 AM]

The Quebec Immigration Ministry has provided information on the third immigration draw held this year. On... Read More

Quebec invites 322 skilled immigrants
By Joseph Parker [Published 02 Feb, 2022 | 05:10 AM]

On January 27 details of a second immigration draw held in January were disclosed by Quebec's immigration... Read More

First Quebec Arrima Draw, 2022: 512 Individuals Invited
By Joseph Parker [Published 28 Jan, 2022 | 05:24 AM]

The Quebec Immigration Ministry has issued information on a January 13 immigration draw. On January 13,... Read More

Arrima Draw: Quebec Invited 33 Potential Immigrants
By Joseph Parker [Published 17 Nov, 2021 | 04:17 AM]

In a recently conducted Arrima draw, Quebec invited 33 candidates with job offers to submit an application... Read More

Quebec's immigration strategy for 2022 is insufficient to alleviate labour shortages
By Joseph Parker [Published 29 Oct, 2021 | 05:33 AM]

A complete analysis of Quebec’s immigration strategy and policies. Four years after reducing immigration by... Read More

Latest Arrima draw: Quebec invites 23 applicants
By Joseph Parker [Published 28 Oct, 2021 | 05:45 AM]

The Quebec Ministry of Immigration has released information on the Arrima draw, which took place on October... Read More

Latest Arrima Draw: 502 candidates invited by Quebec
By Eva Olsen [Published 26 Aug, 2021 | 05:04 AM]

The Quebec immigration department has provided information on the August 19 Arrima draw. On August 19,... Read More

Quebec hosts the year's largest Arrima draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 20 Aug, 2021 | 05:44 AM]

The first batch of invitations released by Quebec’s Arrima platform On August 12, Quebec held its... Read More

Immigrate to Quebec under a new scoring system
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 16 Jul, 2021 | 04:10 AM]

Quebec immigration introduces a new regime wherein candidates who desire to settle in the outskirts of... Read More

Quebec Arrima Draw: 69 new skilled immigrants invited
By Joseph Parker [Published 24 Jun, 2021 | 05:44 AM]

The Province of Quebec invites 69 skilled immigrants in the latest Arrima draw held on June 17 to apply for... Read More

Latest Quebec Arrima Draw: 90 foreign skilled workers invited
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 29 May, 2021 | 04:11 AM]

Quebec invited 90 immigrant applicants to apply for permanent selection on May 27.The Ministry of... Read More

Latest Quebec Arrima draw invites 83 immigrants
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 05 May, 2021 | 03:37 AM]

The Province of Quebec issues 83 invitations to skilled immigrants for permanent residency.The Ministry of... Read More

Quebec Arrima draw invites 208 immigrants
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 02 Apr, 2021 | 04:23 AM]

Quebec invited 208 hopeful immigration candidates to apply for permanent selection on March 30.The Ministry... Read More

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