Benefits of becoming a Canadian Citizen

By Joseph Parker [Published 06 Apr, 2022 | 05:57 AM] 2129
Benefits of becoming a Canadian Citizen

As a Canadian permanent resident, you have access to many of the same resources as citizens, such as publicly funded schools and hospitals, the ability to live and work anywhere in Canada, and civil liberties protected by Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

So, what are the advantages of exchanging your permanent residency for Canadian Citizenship?

Let us know about some of these benefits in brief:

Right to fight for political office

In Canada, there are numerous prominent political parties. If you want to get active in politics, you may either join a youth wing or run as an independent candidate. You can also run for office as a Canadian citizen. You can run in local, provincial, or federal elections if you are interested.

Right to vote

A parliamentary democracy governs Canada. Every Canadian citizen over the age of 18 has the right to vote for our Prime Minister in every federal election. In addition to federal elections, residents can vote in provincial and local elections on a regular basis.

Voting allows you to influence who governs your nation, province, region, and municipality. This is a significant benefit and obligation of being a Canadian citizen.

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Travel freely around the globe on a Canadian passport

You can apply for a Canadian passport as a Canadian citizen. Passports, unlike PR cards, only need to be renewed every 5-10 years.

The Canadian passport is considered to be one of the best in the world. With a Canadian passport, you may visit many countries around the globe without requiring a visa. Your Canadian passport will also make it easier for you to re-enter the nation than your permanent resident travel credentials.

Your kids will be Canadians

If you are a Canadian citizen and have a kid, whether born in Canada or not, that child is immediately a Canadian citizen. This means they can benefit from your status without going through the application procedure for Canadian Citizenship.

If you are a permanent resident, your kid will only become a Canadian citizen if he or she is born in Canada. If your child is born in another country, you must sponsor him or her.

 Live anywhere in Canada

As a Canadian citizen, you are free to reside wherever you choose in the world for as long as you like and will not lose your Citizenship. In contrast to permanent residency, Canadian citizens have no residency restrictions. The sole limitation is that Canadians who live abroad for more than five years lose their ability to vote in federal elections.

Did you know that the Canadian government has acknowledged dual Citizenship since 1977? That is, you are not required to give up your prior Citizenship when you become a Canadian citizen.

Approximately 86 percent of permanent residents in Canada become citizens, one of the highest percentages among Western countries.

When permanent residents become Canadian citizens, both they and the country benefit as it allows immigrants the right to vote and political influence. Also, studies indicate that it may boost immigrants' economic chances.

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