Canada immigration: new rules on travel restrictions to be announced latest by tomorrow

By Eva Olsen [Published 19 Jul, 2021 | 05:28 AM] 1318
Canada immigration: new rules on travel restrictions to be announced latest by tomorrow

After a year, Canada's present border restrictions are said to expire on July 21. Policies governing tourism from the U.S. & the rest of the world will be imposed in the coming days, bringing into light the conditions to travel via flight from the Indian plethora.

Due to a deteriorating economy, we could leverage some benefits out of tomorrow's announcement of lifting travel measures post covid recovery.

Owing to the first anniversary of imposing travel restrictions dated March 2020 with eventual extensions throughout the year. Canada has counteracted the spread of the pandemic one step at a time as it gradually approaches a restriction-free state of mind.

Considering the above said, those who are allowed to move to Canada include Canadian citizens, permanent residents, new immigrants, temporary foreign workers, international students, and family members of a Canadian citizen or PR.

Tourists from the U.S. and the rest of the world are excluded/restricted from entering the country. Flights connecting India and Canada have been shut since April 2020.

Canada travel restriction expires this coming week, specifically on July 21 however, the word coming from the famed prime minister Justin Trudeau's office states that a new set of rules revolving around the imposed travel restrictions will be announced early next week. We can expect a public exclamation at least a day before the present rules expire.

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Thanks to the official statement from Mr. Trudeau's office, we are now certain with a strong sense of alleviation in the upcoming announcement of new rules. With the federal government working rigorously to call skilled workforce to Canada keeping the intake cap intact despite covid dangerous lurking. We can expect a favorable condition for the Indian aspirants waiting for the lifting of travel bans.

What we know for sure is that the Canadian government intends to allow foreigners into the country.

Mr. Trudeau's legislative office said the focus would be on allowing fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents to come to Canada tourists till mid-August. The country would also be open to welcoming fully vaccinated tourists from the rest of the nations probably by early September as Covid cases recede.

The caution here depends on promptly Canada responds to the rate of vaccination keeping the covid-19 count as low as possible.

Though the country started slow, it has emerged as a global leader in vaccination rates. 

The data shows 80% of the Canadian population who are 12-years-and-older have received at least the first dose of the vaccine, while 40% remain fully vaccinated.

Canada's highest covid count was recorded earlier this year with over 9000 new cases on daily basis, but the country has come out empowered with only 400 cases in a recent data dated July 15. Strong vaccine and social distancing guidelines have helped in curbing the case across the country.

The last months notice from the federal government gives relaxation to newly approved immigrants who have a COPR are exempt from its travel norms. Also, earlier this month, a new policy was issued bringing to light that fully vaccinated travelers need not be in quarantine post-arrival in Canada. 

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