Canada is now home to 35,000 new immigrants in June

By Joseph Parker [Published 28 Jul, 2021 | 04:39 AM] 1410
Canada is now home to 35,000 new immigrants in June

Post Covid-19 recovery, immigration levels are on the rise as Canada welcomes over 30k permanent residents in June 2021.

In an estimated stat given by the immigration department of Canada; June 2021 was the first time when 25,000 people found refuge in IRCC's permanent resident's program as the prolonged effects of the pandemic subsided. Additionally, the IRCC would be welcoming an average of 43,000 new immigrants from July and December 2021, if it plans to close the cap at 401,000 this year.

From the office of Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, June 2021 recorded the strongest month for Canadian PR's being granted entry into the maple leaf country.

In a recent interview, the minister said, We are going to make good on our commitment to land 401,000 new permanent residents.

In the 2021-2023 immigration plan, the Canadian government looks forward to homing at least 401.000 beginning this year. The earlier plan entailed the intake cap of 341,000 new immigrants but was put on a standstill due to the advent of the epidemic.

The Canada immigration plan of 2021-2023 is a historic change post-pandemic recovery. This 400K intake took place only once in the year 1913 due to the adverse effects of the First World War.

Mr. Mendicino's office estimates 35,000 new permanent residents in June 2021 as the preliminary reports show a staggering 35,700 immigrants, which is significantly more than the country's total in recent months.

2021 gave Canada ahead starts as it homed 24,680 newcomers in January but further losing its energy in the succeeding months with an estimate of 23,395 (February), 22,425 (March), 21,155 (April), and 17,100 (May), respectively.

Through the first half of 2021, a decent number of new permanent residents found refuge in the country, but the intake cap remains short with its need to welcome 401,000 immigrants by the end. An estimated 143,000 newcomers settled permanently in Canada during the first half.

Being short on pace the Canadian immigration needs to wrap up another 258,000 immigrants in the coming months (the average number of PR issued being 43,000 per month) if it plans to conclude its immigration plan 2021-2023.

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This will be a difficult feat to achieve but not impossible. The remaining half of the year will be crucial in determining the onset of the immigration plan.

Before the outspread of the Covid-19 virus, the intake process was in full swing with an estimated average of 25,000 , 35,000 immigrants being invited to move to Canada. The immigration pattern indicated a higher movement in the number of immigrants in warmer months leading to the start of the academic and business calendar in September.

Comparing 2019's intake process, the second half of the year had a better outcome concerning the flow of applicants as compared to the first half. About 180,000 new immigrants were invited to apply for a Canadian PR between July and December. Assuming Canada follows the same regime in the second half of 2021, we can see the intake at around 320,000 by the end of the year which is still a lower target in conjunction with the immigration plan 2021-2023.

The present course of achieving the target bucket�

  • You never know the federal government could surprise you as the days move forward towards attaining the immigrant goal. After the rolling out of relaxation on travel restrictions in the June 21st update, a cumulative of 23,000 COPR holders are now open to move to Canada. This entails all newly approved Canada PR applicants as well.
  • The federal government has also introduced 6 new pathways for permanent residency catering to an estimated 90,000 foreign students and essential workers. The immigration department aims to tackle at least half of this application by the year-end.
  • In another tailwind, Canada focuses on pulling domestic candidates for a PR through its Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program. Prioritizing the needs of the experienced class candidates, the express entry has been breaking records under this pathway. With a frequent number of draws being issued by IRCC at lower cut-off scores, Canada has issued over 100,000 Express Entry invitations transitioning domestics workers to permanent residents this year. A significant percentage of which were invited during the Covid-19 pandemic will be landing by the end of the year.

About 45,100 Canada PR applications were processed by IRCC in June, the highest ever recorded in the history of Canadian immigration. This shows the intricacies of the streamlined processes of the IRCC to rule out decisions on the number of pending applications to achieve its goal.

However, flawless the Canadian immigration system works, certain risks could disrupt the immigration level for the year. Though the pandemic remains unpredictable, the increased spread of the coronavirus and travel restrictions could hamper your move to Canada. Flight bans from India are one such vertical we can never rule out.

Stretching these restrictions could further delay in reaching the immigration goals set for 2021. Immediate action on COPR holders is a must! As many of the candidates are having problems with the expiry of their COPR. IRCC has taken the initiative of reaching out to the candidate personally to sanction their arrival to Canada after completing the documentation process, of course. But this is a time-consuming process as individually contacting these candidates takes time.

Having said that, however, in the coming months we can witness a higher level of invitations being issued to candidates coming from domestic and international platforms. We could also witness a record-breaking draw by the end of the year.

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