Canada's flight restrictions against India will be extended through September

By Scarlett Wilson [Published 11 Aug, 2021 | 05:23 AM] 1247
Canada's flight restrictions against India will be extended through September

According to Transport Canada, direct flights between Canada and India will be suspended until September 21

Flights to and from India will be restricted for another month by the Canadian government.

According to a Transport Canada press statement, the restriction on direct flights between Canada and India will remain in place until September 21, 2021, as part of an ongoing public health precaution. All commercial and private passenger flights to and from the country have been cancelled. Only freight, medical transfers, and military planes are permitted to fly between the two nations directly.

Travelers from India will have to take an indirect route to Canada because of the limitations. Travelers from India will need a pre-arrival test from a third nation within 72 hours of their last departure from India, regardless of immigration status. This might be any country other than India, which may have its own coronavirus-related policies.

In April, Canada restricted direct flights to and from India. It was owing to a high percentage of Indian travellers testing positive for COVID-19 at the time. In addition, the government has also banned Pakistani flights, which were lifted in June.

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Since several institutions throughout Canada intend to resume in-person sessions this fall, the restriction might pose a problem for overseas students from India. Although overseas students attending COVID-19-ready schools are free from travel restrictions, the prohibition may require more preparation and funding on the part of students and their parents. Indian students make up a sizable portion of Canada's international student population. In recent years, India has accounted for around 30% of overseas students in Canada.

Beginning September 7, fully vaccinated visitors from India and the rest of the globe will be permitted entry into Canada. Those who have been completely vaccinated with Canada-approved vaccines will be subject to the new restrictions. Bharat Biotech's Covaxin is currently not licensed in Canada, therefore travellers who have received it will be considered "unvaccinated" and will not be permitted to enter the country for non-essential reasons. Exempt travellers who have received this vaccination will be permitted to enter, but will be required to self-isolate at home. On arrival and day eight of their quarantine, they will be required to provide COVID-19 testing.

Vaccinated travellers will still be subject to the India flying ban limitations, but they will likely be exempt from quarantine and post-arrival testing. All fully vaccinated tourists must have a pre-arrival COVID-19 test and a quarantine plan before entering Canada, regardless of their place of origin.

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