Flight bans connecting India and Canada extended till 21st August

By Joseph Parker [Published 20 Jul, 2021 | 04:16 AM] 1561
Flight bans connecting India and Canada extended till 21st August

The international flight ban from India is expected to end on August 21.

The flight connecting India to Canada are banned till further notice. A travel restriction on flights extending from India to Canada visa was imposed on April 22, 2021. 

The information came in the recent announcement from the legislative office of Mr. Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada) where a relaxation tourist coming from the U.S. was also addressed under the condition that they were fully vaccinated. 

We can expect the present rule for restrictions on Indian flights to roll over by the end of August 2021.

Initially, Canada imposed travel bans specifically to travelers from India and Pakistan on April 22, 2021, due to the up rise in covid-19 concerns worldwide. All flights pertaining to passengers and business class from both countries were suspended. The travel ban was initially mended for 30 days deadline but was extended for Pakistan and then lifted on June 21.

The Canadian government plans to ease restrictions on travel for fully vaccinated tourists starting later this August 2021.

Meanwhile, Canada has also lifted its travel ban the past months giving relaxation to newly approved immigrants who have received a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) are now relieved from its travel policies. Also, earlier this month, a new policy was issued bringing to light that fully vaccinated travelers need not be in quarantine post-arrival in Canada. 

The relaxed travel policies come as Canada overcomes its fight with the COVID-19 pandemic. The country now has the highest number of vaccination rates in the world with an estimated 80% of the Canadian population receiving the first dose of the vaccine with 40% being fully vaccinated and immune to the virus. Right now, the statistics are much lower than 400 cases per day as compared to the previous record of 9,000 cases per day.

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Additionally, the country has laid out permission to open the provinces with reduced social distancing norms.

India has been Canada's leading economic driving factor with regards to top-notch talented new immigrants and international students. Indian are accounted for filling the Canadian soil with 20% coming to Canada as new Canadian permanent residents and 30% in the overseas student streams.

Pursuing a more ambitious immigration regime post covid recovery, Canada aims to admit a record number of immigrants this year. With an immigration target that is set to welcome over 400,000 starting this year till 2023 annually to feed its economy with a talented workforce, Canadian immigration will boom in the coming times.

A major share of new immigrants coming to Canada is through its international student streams. Recent research showed statistics that foreign students who are pursuing studies from Canada tend to adjust successfully to the country's labor market. The Canada skilled worker programs such as the Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP), etc. yield additional points and guide these international students with more advantages and dedicated immigration options to settle permanently in Canada.

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