Ontario started EOI system for its immigration streams

By Joseph Parker [Published 29 Apr, 2021 | 04:52 AM] 1395
Ontario started EOI system for its immigration streams

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) has started a new Expression of Interest (EOI) for its two immigration streams under the Employer Job-Offer category - Foreign Worker and International Students.

According to the Ontario PNP government website, the province plans to open EOI systems for its following immigration streams in the future:

  • In-Demand Skills;
  • Masters Graduate;
  • Ph.D. Graduate;

New ways to apply Ontario PNP

If you would like to eventually apply for immigration through one of Ontario's core Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), you can now register an EOI profile at any time. Previously, you could only register when OINP opened its online portal.

After you register, your profile will be entered into a selection pool and assigned a score based on your answers. Candidates' profiles will then be selected and invited to apply for Canada PR Visa.

Registration with the EOI does not guarantee that you will receive an invitation to apply. The OINP will inform you or your representative if you have been invited.

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The candidate's EOI profile is valid for a maximum of 12 months or until the candidate gets an invitation. You can also choose to withdraw your registration. After 12 months, your EOI will be automatically deleted.

Registration is free, but if you are invited to apply, you will need to submit a fee with your application.

Getting an invitation does not mean that the candidate gets their provincial nomination. You will need to meet all the eligibility requirements of the stream you are applying for at that time.

What is the process to submit OINP's Expression of Interest?

Candidates have to create an online profile in the OINP e-filing portal. Then read the candidate requirements for your feed to make sure you're eligible. After that, you can register an expression of interest for one or more feeds. You can only save one EOI profile at a time.

The information you provide must be correct at the time of registration. You can update your profile at any time to keep the information up to date.

How to calculate points for Ontario PNP?

Ontario ranks EOI profiles based on your answers. Points are awarded based on the skill level of your job posting and your Canadian work experience. Ontario uses the NOC system to award points.

The OINP scoring system is different depending on the stream you are applying to. In addition to skill level and work experience, it also takes into account your salary, education, knowledge of official languages ??, and the region in which you study or work. The province also awards 10 points at its discretion to meet labor market needs.

You can check the scoring factors listed on the government website.

Why does Ontario need an EOI system?

Ontario needed a new immigrant screening system for its PNPs that operate outside of the Express Entry system. Previously, Ontario used a first-come, first-served model. To apply for a basic PNP, applicants would wait for enrollment to open and then rush to enroll. They competed with all other non-Express Entry applicants who wanted to immigrate to Ontario.

Since Ontario is the most popular destination for new Canadian immigrants, it was very crowded. Applicants would only have a small window of time to register. They would have multiple browsers open to trying to access their profile. Technical difficulties have arisen. Some people have said that the system is unfair to those with slow internet connections.

In fall 2020, Ontario launched public consultations on how to develop a new EOI system. By that time, most of the other provinces had implemented this selection process.

Ontario approved EOI's selection system in spring 2021. Applicants can now begin applying for Ontario PNPs under the new selection process.

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