The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, welcomes immigrants working in health care, agriculture, and manufacturing

By Joseph Parker [Published 12 Aug, 2021 | 05:42 AM] 1363
The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program, welcomes immigrants working in health care, agriculture, and manufacturing

The province of Ontario is holding its second In-Demand Skills Stream draw through its Expression of Interest mechanism

On August 11, Ontario asked 48 immigrant candidates to file for a provincial nomination.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) held its second In-Demand Skills stream draw under its revised intake method. The new Expression of Interest (EOI) system in Ontario replaces the traditional first-come, first-served paradigm, and allows interested applicants to register at any time for a chance to receive an invitation from Ontario.

In other words, they must "express their interest" in applying for a provincial nomination under the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

This draw had no minimum scoring requirement. Individuals must be eligible for the In-Demand Skills stream and have job offers in the relevant professions, which are listed by sector and alphabetically by National Occupational Classification (NOC) code.

Candidates who got an invitation today have 14 days to file for a provincial nomination, which will support their permanent residency application.

Concerning the In-Demand Skills Stream

This immigration policy prioritizes province demand above professional skill level. Many immigration schemes target jobs deemed “highly skilled” by the government. Nonetheless, Ontario continues to face labour shortages in “low skilled” occupations.

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Enter the Stream of In-Demand Skills. Foreign employees with qualifying employment offers in Ontario can submit for a nomination if they have at least nine months of cumulative work experience in the province during the previous three years. Seasonal job experience does not count toward meeting the work requirement. If the candidate fulfilled the minimum amount of work hours, a part-time job may be qualified.

The number of work hours must equal either 1,200 hours of paid employment in one job over 18 months or 1,200 hours of paid employment in two jobs over 18 months. Alternatively, individuals who worked more than one job, they would need to work at least 30 hours per week for nine months, for a total of 1,200 hours. Candidates must, among other things, have a high school diploma, a language score of at least 4 in all proficiencies, and appropriate settlement money to qualify for it.

How do you obtain immigration points in Ontario?

Ontario rates EOI profiles based on a variety of human capital criteria determined by the province to be essential in selecting immigrants with the capacity to succeed. You are awarded points based on the skill level of your job offer and your Canadian work experience.

The OINP scoring method differs based on the stream for which you apply. It considers your pay, education, official language proficiency, and the location in which you study or work, in addition to your skill level and job experience. In addition, the province may allocate up to ten points at its discretion to respond to labour market demands.

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