65 Occupations added to fill in-demand jobs in Quebec

By Scarlett Wilson [Published 06 Jun, 2022 | 06:05 AM] 2389
65 Occupations added to fill in-demand jobs in Quebec

Quebec adds occupations to the list of Facilitated LMIA processes for hiring temporary workers. 

Employers in Quebec can now benefit from a simplified process when hiring foreign workers across a wider range of occupations. 

The Quebec government, on May 27th, released an updated list of the occupations eligible for the Facilitated Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). About 60 occupations that fall under the Level C of the National Occupation Classification list – which are entry-level positions that require a high school diploma or on-the-job experience training, have been added to the list. 

This update is important for several reasons. Firstly, because the Facilitated LMIA list is usually updated once every year (on February 24), and also because the occupations on the list are generally highly skilled positions. 

In response to the ongoing labor market shortages in the province, the government of Canada and Quebec have signed an agreement in August 2021 – that allows a broader range of occupations to benefit from the Facilitated LMIA process under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This new initiative will make it easier for employers in Quebec to recruit temporary foreign workers. 

Considering other options to immigrate to Canada, the province of Quebec holds a special position. To administer its immigration program, Quebec has been granted more autonomy than other provinces. The province, as such, benefits from a unique and simplified process for hiring temporary workers. 

The Facilitated process remains the same as a regular LMIA application. There are, however, a number of changes in the process for Quebec employers. 

A Facilitated LMIA application does not require employers to provide proof that they advertise the position they are looking to fill and make efforts to recruit a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Employers may only submit LMIA applications for occupations that are targeted. 

Applications for Facilitated LMIAs must be approved by federal and provincial authorities. For this, it is necessary to submit Facilitated LMIA applications to both the Department of Social Development and the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'intégration (MIFI).

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Here's a look at the occupations that were added to the facilitated LMIA list on May 27.

1314 Property Valuator


1415 Staffing Clerk

1434 Bank Clerk

1435 Loan Collector

1452 Correspondence Clerk

1454 Statistical Clerk

1521 Shipper

1522 Warehouse Clerk

1523 Logistics Clerk

1524 Inventory Clerk

1525 Dispatcher

1526 Scheduler

3411 Dental Hygienist

3413 Nurse’s Aide

4413 Teaching Assistant

5113 Archivist

5243 Costume Designer

6222 Buyer

6313 Hotel/Casino Supervisor

6332 Baker

6411 Sales Rep – Wholesale  

6421 Sales Rep – Retail 

6513 Food and Beverage Servers

6531 Tourism Guide

6551 Bank Teller

6563 Veterinarian

7305 Traffic Supervisor

7444 Exterminator

7451 Longshoreman  

7452 Warehouse Worker  

7511 Truck Driver

7512 Public Transit Driver

7521 Heavy Equipment Operator

7522 Utility Vehicle Operator

7532 Deckhand

8421 Logger

8422 Forestry Worker

9411 Mining Equipment Operator

9412 Smelter Worker

9414 Stonecutter

9415 Inspector / Tester, mineral and metal processing

9416 Metalworking and Forging Machine Operator

9417 Machining Tool Operator

9418 Metal Products Machine Operator

9421 Chemical Plant Machine Operator

9422 Plastics Processing Machine Operator

9423 Rubber Processing Machine Operator

9431 Sawmill Machine Operator

9435 Paper Converting Machine Operator

9436 Lumber Grader/Wood Processing Inspector

9437 Woodworking Machine Operator

9441 Textile Fibre and Yarn, Hide and Pelt Processing Machine Operator or Worker

9446 Industrial Sewing Machine Operator

9461 Process Control and Machine Operator, food and beverage processing

9462 Industrial Butcher

9463 Seafood Processing Worker

9465 Tester or Grader, food and beverage processing

9523 Electronics Assembler, Fabricator, Inspector or Tester

9526 Mechanical Assembler or Inspector

9532 Furniture and Fixture Assembler or Inspector

9533 Wood Products Assembler or Inspector

9534 Furniture Finisher or Refinisher

9535 Plastic Products Assembler, Finisher or Inspector

9536 Industrial Painter, Coater and Metal Finishing Process Operator

The newly-updated list is notable in its inclusion of many more occupations for machine operators in industry, clerks and drivers.

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