87 invitations issued by British Columbia in its recently held BC PNP Tech Draw

By Scarlett Wilson [Published 18 Nov, 2021 | 04:36 AM] 1890
87 invitations issued by British Columbia in its recently held BC PNP Tech Draw

Targeting the tech sector professionals and mitigating the market's labour shortages, British Columbia invited 87 eligible candidates.

These 87 candidates were from the following categories:

  • SI - Skilled Workers with a minimum score of 75
  • SI – International Graduates with a minimum score of 75
  • EEBC – Skilled Workers with a minimum score of 75
  • EEBC – International Graduates with a minimum score of 75

Earlier in last month, there were nearly 287 invitations under the British Columbia (BC PNP) Tech Draw, and there were separate draws for professionals lying under NOC codes 0621 and 0631.

Now, these invited Candidates are required to apply for provincial nomination within the next 30 days.

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Significance of BC PNP Tech draw

Launched in 2017, BC PNP Tech Pilot was renamed as the BC PNP Tech. It now acts as a permanent immigration pathway.

Under this, the province of British Columbia invites eligible candidates with technology background or to put it simply, these candidates require a job offer with a duration of 1 year and that too under the 29 targeted occupations as listed below:

1.  NOC 0131 - Telecommunication carriers’ managers

2.  NOC 0213 - Computer and information systems managers

3.  NOC 0512 - Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting and performing arts

4.  NOC 2131 - Civil engineers

5.  NOC 2132 - Mechanical engineers

6.  NOC 2133 - Electrical and electronics engineers

7.  NOC 2134 - Chemical engineers

8.  NOC 2147 - Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

9.  NOC 2171 - Information systems analysts and consultants

10. NOC 2172 - Database analysts and data administrators

11. NOC 2173 - Software engineers and designers

12. NOC 2174 - Computer programmers and interactive media developers

13. NOC 2175 - Web designers and developers

14. NOC 2221 - Biological technologists and technicians

15. NOC 2241 - Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians

16. NOC 2242 - Electronic service technicians (household and business equipment)

17. NOC 2243 - Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics

18. NOC 2281 - Computer network technicians

19. NOC 2282 - User support technicians

20. NOC 2283 - Information systems testing technicians

21. NOC 5121 - Authors and writers

22. NOC 5122 - Editors

23. NOC 5125 - Translators, terminologists and interpreters

24. NOC 5224 - Broadcast technicians

25. NOC 5225 - Audio and video recording technicians

26. NOC 5227 - Support occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting, photography and the performing arts

27. NOC 5226 - Other technical and coordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts

28. NOC 5241 - Graphic designers and illustrators

29. NOC 6221 - Technical sales specialists – wholesale trade

It is important to note that the said job offer should be valid for a period of 120 days at the time of application.

Also, the provincial nomination is worth additional 600 CRS points, which is enough to boost or secure your permanent residency position.

With its thriving technology industry, British Columbia offers a better opportunity for candidates looking to migrate to Canada or settle down in a Canadian province, and that too with a proper job and employment opportunity. 

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