British Columbia invited 167 candidates in its latest draw

By Scarlett Wilson [Published 01 Jun, 2022 | 05:10 AM] 754
British Columbia invited 167 candidates in its latest draw

On May 31, British Columbia invited at least 167 new candidates to apply for permanent residency. The draw targeted categories under the BC PNP Skilled Worker and International Graduate from Tech, Childcare, and Healthcare industries. 

Here are the results of the latest BC PNP draw:

General Draw – 147 Invitations 

  • Skilled Workers with a minimum score of 109.
  • Skilled Workers – EEBC option with a minimum score of 123.
  • International Graduates with a minimum score of 96.
  • International Graduates – EEBC option with a minimum score of 106.
  • Entry-level and Semi-skilled with a minimum score of 76.

Targeted Draw - ≈ 30 Invitations

  • Childcare and Early Childhood Educators: Skilled Workers and International Graduates (includes EEBC option) with a minimum score of 60.
  • Healthcare: Skilled Workers, International Graduates, Entry-level and Semi-skilled (includes EEBC option) with a minimum score of 60.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare Assistants: Entry-level and Semi-skilled with a minimum score of 60.
  • Other priority occupations: Skilled Workers and International Graduates (includes EEBC options) with a minimum score of 60. 
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About the British Columbia PNP

British Columbia selects high-scoring individuals by inviting them to live and work permanently in the province through the BC PNP draw, which allows them to apply under each category of the PNP. Candidates who get a provincial nomination can apply for Canada permanent residence visa through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). 

The province of British Columbia provides its residents with high living standards as well as additional job progression opportunities based on their labor demands. The province of British Columbia invites up to 1,350 skilled workers each year, and the candidates are invited with the help of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

  • Skilled Immigration (SI)

Skills Immigration is for skilled and semi-skilled workers in BC's high-demand occupations list (SI). For the Entry Level and Semi-Skilled categories, applicants must have already worked in British Columbia. 

  • Express Entry BC (EEBC)

Express Entry BC (EEBC) is a program that permits qualified skilled workers to quickly come to British Columbia. This stream uses a points-based invitation system and connects to the federal Express Entry system. 

  • Entrepreneurs Immigration (EI) 

Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) is a program for seasoned business owners who want to set up shop in British Columbia. This invitation is also dependent on a set of minimum points requirements.

How to apply under the BC PNP?

Step 1: Under BC PNP, look for immigration programs that fit your description. 

Step 2: Review the eligibility conditions to see if you are eligible to apply. 

Step 3: Eligible candidates can then fill out an online Expression of Interest (EOI). 

Step 4: The provincial officials will review your profile, and you will be placed in a pool with other candidates. 

Step 5: The province will hold a BC PNP draw with a cut-off, and if you are chosen, you will be nominated for permanent residency in Canada by your province. 

Step 6: You will have 60 days to submit your entire application in order to acquire your Confirmation of Permanent Residency (COPR) and immigrate to Canada. 

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