Saskatchewan Invites 280 applicants as per the latest draws

By Scarlett Wilson [Published 23 Jul, 2021 | 05:34 AM] 1370
Saskatchewan Invites 280 applicants as per the latest draws

The latest draw conducted by Saskatchewan on 21 July 2021, sent an Invitation to Apply to 280 new candidates as per their Provincial Nomination. The targeted applicants were chosen from the list of 63 occupations by the province. 

The invitations were made particularly from the International Skilled Worker Program. Also, the candidates were selected only if they were overall qualified for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP). 196 applicants were selected through the list of occupations that are in demand and the rest 84 were selected from the Express Entry SINP sub-category. 

The applicants who qualified also had to have an Expression of Interest score of 77 in order to be invited. Other important factors included educational qualification assessment from the ECA (Educational Credential Assessment). The most important factor was the working experience. Only the applicants from the 63 occupations-in-demand list got the highest weightage. 

What is Express Entry and what programs are included in this system? 

The Express Entry System is a point based system that monitors a few immigration pathways for aspiring applicants. It mainly includes: 

  • Federal High Skilled Programs
  • Canadian Experience Class 
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program

Also, some Provincial Nominee Programs use the Express Entry to invite applicants for particular Provincial Nomination.

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The Express Entry uses CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) scores when the applicant is  placed in the Express Entry pool. Then a cutoff score is derived and based on that score, candidates who have scored equal to or above the cut-off receive an Invitation to Apply. The CRS score is calculated based on a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • Age
  • Language proficiency score
  • Adaptability
  • Work experience
  • Investment
  • Net worth

What is the Occupation-in-Demand category?

The applicants who do not have an Express Entry profile can apply through the Occupation-in-Demand sub-category as base Provincial Nomination. The province of Saskatchewan has issued a list of 63 types of occupations, specially designed for highly skilled workers with ample experience of work under these particular occupations. 

How to apply through the Occupation-in-Demand sub-category?

The first step for the applicant is to create an EOI (Expression of Interest) profile through SINPís online application form.

The second step is to fill in the necessary information related to your work experience, education, language proficiency, age, and adaptability (through connections to the province demonstrate their ability to settle in Saskatchewan). 

Lastly, the applicants are given a score out of 100 based on the point assessment grid of SINPís International Skilled Worker. The highest-scoring applicants  are then invited to apply for a Saskatchewan's provincial nomination for Canadian permanent residence.

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