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Canada lifts 20-hour per week work limit for students
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 07 Oct, 2022 | 08:05 AM] 658

On October 7, the Canadian government announced new plans to temporarily lift the 20-hour per week for... Read More

Canada welcomed a record number of international students in 2021
By Joseph Parker [Published 25 Mar, 2022 | 05:18 AM] 906

Despite the epidemic, Canada's foreign student population has rebounded swiftly. Last year, approximately... Read More

Immigration From Hong Kong To Canada Is On The Rise
By Eva Olsen [Published 22 Mar, 2022 | 10:25 AM] 983

Hong Kong used to be the most popular destination for immigrants to Canada. According to new IRCC data, the... Read More

Visa Programs to extend your Temporary Resident Status
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 05 Mar, 2022 | 05:41 AM] 1328

Temporary residents have numerous options to remain in Canada while awaiting a permanent or temporary... Read More

Canadian government plans to shorten the processing delays
By Joseph Parker [Published 01 Feb, 2022 | 04:32 AM] 1475

By the end of the year, Canada intends to employ an $85 million budget to restore to regular processing... Read More

How to Immigrate to Canada from the UAE
By Eva Olsen [Published 05 Jan, 2022 | 06:22 AM] 782

In recent years, Canada has become a buzzword. The number of immigrants from all over the globe to Canada has... Read More

A preview of Canadian Immigration in 2022
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 05 Jan, 2022 | 03:05 AM] 1343

With all the reforms, draws, and hiatus in the Canadian immigration structure in 2021, it is now crucial to... Read More

Recent researches show a wage rise for immigrants in Canada
By Joseph Parker [Published 29 Dec, 2021 | 04:28 AM] 633

According to Statistics Canada research, the median income of immigrants with no Canadian experience is lower... Read More

How to move to Canada from the USA?
By Joseph Parker [Published 19 Oct, 2021 | 05:55 AM] 728

If you want to become a permanent resident of Canada, you have a few alternatives depending on your personal... Read More

Flight bans connecting India and Canada extended till 21st August
By Joseph Parker [Published 20 Jul, 2021 | 04:16 AM] 693

The international flight ban from India is expected to end on August 21.The flight connecting India to Canada... Read More

IDP to acquire British Council and its allied English testing services
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 12 Jul, 2021 | 05:50 AM] 1101

The hottest bulletin for the month is the million-dollar sale of one of the most coveted English proficiency... Read More

Canada Immigration: A Snapshot of rest of 2021
By Joseph Parker [Published 21 May, 2021 | 04:50 AM] 871

Canada immigration's trajectory will be based on two major issues - containing COVID-19 and federal... Read More

Canada immigration on course to achieve its target despite the pandemic
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 14 May, 2021 | 04:14 AM] 535

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 22,425 new immigrants for permanent residency in... Read More

International Students can now study 100% online and get PGWP
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 12 Feb, 2021 | 05:00 AM] 598

International students who complete their full online post-secondary education program will now be eligible... Read More

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New Brunswick temporarily accepting worker's PNP applications
By Joseph Parker [Published 09 Feb, 2021 | 04:37 PM] 22288
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Apply for Nova Scotia PNP without a Job offer
By Joseph Parker [Published 24 Nov, 2021 | 05:33 AM] 13209
Canada announced its revised immigration levels plan for 2022 -2024
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 15 Feb, 2022 | 05:11 AM] 12992
What is the Canada PR process for Indian Lawyers in 2023?
By Eva Olsen [Published 13 Apr, 2022 | 03:34 PM] 10131
Saskatchewan launched its new Tech Talent Pathway Program
By Eva Olsen [Published 09 Mar, 2022 | 05:16 AM] 7987
New Record Set for Job Vacancies in Canada
By Eva Olsen [Published 05 Feb, 2022 | 04:23 AM] 7617
Canada hosts the first Express Entry draw for 2022
By Joseph Parker [Published 06 Jan, 2022 | 04:44 AM] 7131
SINP: Latest EOI draw invites 627 applicants
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 15 Jul, 2022 | 04:50 AM] 6702
Ontario issues 363 NOIs for French speaking Skilled Workers candidates
By Joseph Parker [Published 24 Sep, 2022 | 08:12 AM] 6603
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