5 Best part-time jobs in Canada for international students

By Scarlett Wilson [Published 07 Mar, 2023 | 05:40 AM] 2580
5 Best part-time jobs in Canada for international students

According to statistics, around 63% of international students rely on part-time jobs in Canada – to manage their expenses during their course. As compared to other overseas education destinations, international students on a Canada Study Visa – find it relatively easier to find a part-time job.

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Here are the current –

Top 5 jobs in Canada for international students

1. Teaching Assistants (TA) - Average Salary: $23 CAD/hour
2. Server - Average Salary: $16 CAD/hour + tips
3. Ride-share Driver - Average Salary: $19 CAD/hour
4. Tutor - Average Salary: $30 CAD/hour
5. Freelancer - Average Salary: $23 CAD/hour

Some of the popular places to find part-time jobs in Canada include LinkedIn, JobBank.ca, and Workopolis. Canada welcomed a record number of 551,405 international students from over 184 countries in 2022 – and is currently the best destination to study in.

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