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Latest Canada Express Entry draw issues 3,750 ITAs
By Eva Olsen [Published 29 Sep, 2022 | 10:14 AM] 140

Canada made public the results of its latest Express Entry draw. The draw results were released on September... Read More

Canada's new TR to PR pathway for Doctors
By Eva Olsen [Published 27 Sep, 2022 | 07:18 AM] 354

The Express Entry system is most likely to revise its immigration norms for healthcare workers, according to... Read More

Canada Express Entry Latest Draw Issues 3,250 ITAs
By Joseph Parker [Published 15 Sep, 2022 | 06:10 AM] 445

3,250 people who submitted Express Entry applications for permanent residency in Canada on September 14,... Read More

Canada Express Entry latest draw invites 2,750 applicants
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 01 Sep, 2022 | 06:15 AM] 589

On August 31st, Canada welcomed 2,750 applicants to submit applications for permanent residency with minimum... Read More

Latest Canada Express Entry draw invites 2,250 applicants
By Joseph Parker [Published 18 Aug, 2022 | 10:02 AM] 479

In the most recent Express Entry draw, which was held on August 17, 2022, Canada welcomed 2,250 applicants to... Read More

Latest Canada Express Entry draw invites 2000 applicants
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 04 Aug, 2022 | 07:10 AM] 537

In the most recent Express Entry draw, which was held on August 3, 2022, Canada welcomed 2,000 applicants to... Read More

1,750 ITAs issued the second all-program Express Entry draw!
By Eva Olsen [Published 21 Jul, 2022 | 05:04 AM] 768

On July 20, Canada invited 1,750 new Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residence. The renowned... Read More

July 6 Express Entry Draw Results: FSW and CEC draws are back!
By Joseph Parker [Published 06 Jul, 2022 | 11:40 AM] 1809

July 06 Express Entry Draw Results- A total of 1,500 Express Entry candidates were invited to apply for... Read More

Things to note before Canada resumes Express Entry
By Eva Olsen [Published 05 Jul, 2022 | 05:10 AM] 562

In an official update made by Sean Fraser on June 2022, the Express Entry draws will restart as planned from... Read More

Next Canada Express Entry Latest Draw 2022 (Updated)
By Eva Olsen [Published 05 Jul, 2022 | 12:48 PM] 318

In this page you can find everything about the latest Canada Express Entry draw, how it works, latest... Read More

All Express Entry draws to resume from July 6, 2022
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 24 Jun, 2022 | 10:02 AM] 2655

Sean Fraser has recently stated that all Express Entry draws will resume as scheduled in early July. When the... Read More

New Express Entry draw invites 636 PNP candidates!
By Joseph Parker [Published 22 Jun, 2022 | 10:05 AM] 757

On June 22, Canada invited 636 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residency. Candidates invited... Read More

Canada PNP Immigration Summary for Feb 2022
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 02 Mar, 2022 | 04:23 AM] 1139

This news article presents an examination of last month's Provincial Nominee Program updates and draw results... Read More

Canada PNP Immigration: Monthly Review for Jan 2022
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 02 Feb, 2022 | 04:42 AM] 1105

The PNP is a collaborative immigration programme run by the federal, provincial, and territory governments.... Read More

A look into the Canada PNP highlights for 2021
By Eva Olsen [Published 07 Jan, 2022 | 04:53 AM] 821

Right from the easing of interim COVID-19 measures to the debut of additional streams, this piece of content... Read More

A review of Canada PNP draws for December 2021
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 03 Jan, 2022 | 05:26 AM] 530

A look back at the Provincial Nominee Program updates from across the nation from last month. During the... Read More

Canada PNP results summary for November 2021
By Joseph Parker [Published 02 Dec, 2021 | 04:55 AM] 882

Here's a recap of last month's Provincial Nominee Program updates from throughout the nation. During the... Read More

Quarter 3, 2021: Focus on CEC and PNP applicants in Express Entry
By Joseph Parker [Published 12 Oct, 2021 | 04:26 AM] 606

The third quarter of 2021 shows a sluggish pace of immigration for candidates under the Express Entry... Read More

Summarized Canada PNP immigration results for September 2021
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 02 Oct, 2021 | 04:24 PM] 806

The following is an overview of the most recent Provincial Nominee Program changes from throughout Canada. In... Read More

Summary of the Canada PNP immigration results for August 2021
By Joseph Parker [Published 31 Aug, 2021 | 04:03 AM] 491

In August, approximately 3,400 invitations were made to apply for provincial nomination under Canada's... Read More

Summarizing provincial immigration statistics of July 2021
By Joseph Parker [Published 02 Aug, 2021 | 04:29 AM] 737

As we step into a scintillating new month, here's our monthly analysis of all PNP activities conceptualized,... Read More

Synopsis on PNP's immigration result for May 2021
By Eva Olsen [Published 03 Jun, 2021 | 04:42 AM] 646

There has been significant activity in Canada's Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).The majority of the... Read More

Express Entry Draw: 500 PNP immigrants invited for PR Visa
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 27 May, 2021 | 04:36 AM] 774

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held the latest program-specific express entry draw held on... Read More

Express Entry draw: 557 PNP candidates invited
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 13 May, 2021 | 04:08 AM] 398

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invite 557 express entry candidates with provincial... Read More

Last week review for Canada Immigration
By Eva Olsen [Published 21 Apr, 2021 | 05:25 AM] 782

The previous week has been busy for Canadian immigration. In addition to six new immigration programs... Read More

Express Entry Draw: 266 PNP candidates invited
By Joseph Parker [Published 15 Apr, 2021 | 04:55 AM] 456

The latest program-specific express entry draws held on April 14, targeting express entry candidates with... Read More

Express Entry Draw: 284 PNP invited in the latest draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 01 Apr, 2021 | 02:34 AM] 432

Canada held their latest program-specific express entry draw on March 30, inviting a total of 284 Express... Read More

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SINP: Latest EOI draw invites 627 applicants
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 15 Jul, 2022 | 04:50 AM] 5937
New Draw by Saskatchewan: Invites 198 candidates
By Joseph Parker [Published 07 May, 2022 | 05:42 AM] 5574
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