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Recap of Canada PNP draws held in the month of September
By Eva Olsen [Published 03 Oct, 2022 | 07:12 AM] 589

Canada PNPs have conducted a total of 21 draws in the month of September. Here’s a monthly recap of the... Read More

A review at British Columbia and Alberta PNP
By Joseph Parker [Published 27 Jun, 2022 | 10:02 AM] 964

The results of the most recent Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws were made public by BC and Alberta over... Read More

New Express Entry draw invites 636 PNP candidates!
By Joseph Parker [Published 22 Jun, 2022 | 10:05 AM] 873

On June 22, Canada invited 636 Express Entry candidates to apply for permanent residency. Candidates invited... Read More

Canada invites 932 PNP candidates, a new record!
By Joseph Parker [Published 09 Jun, 2022 | 05:04 AM] 965

Canada has conducted the largest Express Entry draw since March, issuing 932 Invitations to Apply (ITA) to... Read More

Weekly Recap of PNPs: British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba
By Eva Olsen [Published 30 May, 2022 | 05:36 AM] 710

In latest weekly PNP draws held by Canadian provinces, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta released... Read More

New Express Entry PNP draw invites 589 candidates
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 26 May, 2022 | 05:01 AM] 1014

On May 25, Canada held a new draw of invitations – inviting 589 Express Entry candidates to apply for... Read More

Canada to break its record-target of 431,645 permanent residents
By Joseph Parker [Published 20 May, 2022 | 05:00 AM] 914

In March of this year, Canada's immigration skyrocketed, raising the number of new permanent residents to a... Read More

545 Candidates invited to the latest Express Entry draw
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 12 May, 2022 | 04:33 AM] 657

Canada continues to hold bi-monthly PNP draws and will seek to resume FSWP and CEC draws by early July. On... Read More

All you need to know about Express Entry ahead of July 2022
By Eva Olsen [Published 05 May, 2022 | 05:23 AM] 1114

On April 22, Sean Fraser, Canada's Immigration Minister, made the statement about the commencement of Express... Read More

Ontario issued 1335 NOIs through its two latest OINP Draws
By Joseph Parker [Published 29 Apr, 2022 | 05:15 AM] 976

Ontario with the help of its immigrant nominee programs issues notification of interest (NOIs), primarily in... Read More

Latest Canada Express Entry Draw: 829 PNP Invitations Issued
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 28 Apr, 2022 | 05:25 AM] 628

With its fresh Express Entry draw, Canada has issued 829 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to candidates planning... Read More

Prince Edward Island Invite 141 Candidates in a New PNP Draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 26 Apr, 2022 | 05:40 AM] 1234

On April 21, Prince Edward Island conducted a new provincial draw in which it issued Invitations to Apply... Read More

Express Entry To Finally Resume FSWP And CEC Draws In July
By Eva Olsen [Published 23 Apr, 2022 | 11:53 AM] 1589

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser finally announced Express Entry invitations for FSWP and CEC... Read More

787 PNP Candidates Invited In The Latest Express Entry Draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 14 Apr, 2022 | 05:08 AM] 851

Canada has so far invited 7,257 PNP candidates in 2022. The Canadian government on April 13, invited 787... Read More

Canada Invites 919 PNP Candidates to Apply For PR
By Joseph Parker [Published 31 Mar, 2022 | 05:56 AM] 947

On March 30, Canada invited 919 PNP candidates to apply for permanent residence. Only Provincial Nominee... Read More

Latest Survey: Canada Immigration still in high demand
By Eva Olsen [Published 31 Jan, 2022 | 04:41 AM] 1207

According to a recent study of over 13,000 prospective immigrants, there is still a lot of interest in moving... Read More

A summary of Canada immigration 2021
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 30 Dec, 2021 | 03:58 AM] 1103

The start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 altered the path of Canada's immigration system, and while... Read More

ICCRC replaced by CICC as the new Canada immigration regulatory body
By Eva Olsen [Published 29 Dec, 2021 | 05:43 AM] 3052

The former Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) was renamed as The College of... Read More

One year has passed since FSWP applicants were asked to apply through Express Entry
By Joseph Parker [Published 22 Dec, 2021 | 05:11 AM] 877

A look back at Express Entry's historic year, as well as a look ahead. The last time candidates for the... Read More

IRCC clearing piled-up Express Entry cases before inviting FSWP and CEC candidates
By Joseph Parker [Published 26 Nov, 2021 | 04:35 AM] 1507

As per the recent IRCC reports, the department is looking forward to reducing the accumulated Express Entry... Read More

Canada welcomed 613 Candidates to apply for Permanent Residence
By Eva Olsen [Published 25 Nov, 2021 | 05:36 AM] 728

Despite holding more PNP draws this year, Canada has nonetheless extended more invitations to CEC candidates.... Read More

Canada announced its third-largest PNP draw under Express Entry
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 28 Oct, 2021 | 05:07 AM] 719

The latest Express Entry draw is the fourth round of invitations, solely to PNP applicants in a row. On... Read More

Canada is holding its third PNP draw in a row
By Eva Olsen [Published 14 Oct, 2021 | 05:45 AM] 859

This year, Canada has staged 20 draws just for PNP candidates. On 13th October, Canada held another Express... Read More

Latest BC PNP draw: British Columbia invites 422 potential candidates
By Eva Olsen [Published 30 Sep, 2021 | 05:37 AM] 846

This year, BC has issued over 9,000 invitations to file for a provincial nomination. On September 28, 2021,... Read More

Canada welcomes 761 PNP applicants via Express Entry
By Eva Olsen [Published 30 Sep, 2021 | 04:28 AM] 952

This year, Canada has staged 19 Express Entry draws only for PNP candidates. On September 29, Canada... Read More

The province of Ontario has invited 72 workers to apply for PNP
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 23 Sep, 2021 | 05:22 AM] 486

The third In-Demand Skills stream draw in Ontario was also the biggest one. On September 22, Ontario invited... Read More

Canada accepts 521 PNP applicants through Express Entry
By Joseph Parker [Published 16 Sep, 2021 | 05:03 AM] 642

The minimum CRS score needed for a PNP draw has dropped to its lowest level since June On September 15,... Read More

Express Entry invites 463 PNP candidates for Canadian permanent residence
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 19 Aug, 2021 | 04:48 AM] 575

The qualifying CRS score to be eligible under the PNP aligned Express Entry draws were 751. Canada... Read More

Canada invites 627 candidates from the Express Entry system with PNP nomination
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 08 Jul, 2021 | 05:32 AM] 621

Express Entry Canada: In a new cutoff, Canada draws 627 PNP candidates with a minimum CRS score of 760. In... Read More

Express Entry Draw: 1002 PNP candidates invited for PR Visa
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 24 Jun, 2021 | 04:38 AM] 505

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held their latest program-specific express entry draw... Read More

Canada holds biggest ever Express Entry PNP-only draw ever
By Joseph Parker [Published 10 Jun, 2021 | 03:41 AM] 853

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) hosted a new Express Entry draw, inviting 940 candidates to... Read More

Express Entry Draw: 500 PNP immigrants invited for PR Visa
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 27 May, 2021 | 04:36 AM] 873

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held the latest program-specific express entry draw held on... Read More

Express Entry Draw: Second largest draw invites 6,000 immigrants
By Eva Olsen [Published 17 Apr, 2021 | 04:55 AM] 557

Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held the latest express entry program-specific draw... Read More

Express Entry Draw: 284 PNP invited in the latest draw
By Joseph Parker [Published 01 Apr, 2021 | 02:34 AM] 543

Canada held their latest program-specific express entry draw on March 30, inviting a total of 284 Express... Read More

Express Entry candidates with a minimum CRS score 301 invited by Alberta PNP
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 16 Feb, 2021 | 05:00 AM] 619

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program issues a total of 200 invitations to the express entry candidates who have... Read More

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Ontario issues 363 NOIs for French speaking Skilled Workers candidates
By Joseph Parker [Published 24 Sep, 2022 | 08:12 AM] 6616
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