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Quebec Needs More Workers To Fill Market Shortages
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 22 Apr, 2022 | 04:31 AM] 1011

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted Quebec’s labor force. Quebec started off in 2022 with a... Read More

New Canadian border restrictions are now in force
By Joseph Parker [Published 01 Mar, 2022 | 04:53 AM] 1128

Travellers having an antigen test may now enter Canada, and additional COVID-19 measures are in force as of... Read More

Travel guidelines relaxed to enter Canadian borders
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 16 Feb, 2022 | 04:50 AM] 1136

Effective February 28, Canadian borders will relax travel restrictions in concern to Covid-19 guidelines.... Read More

Canada announced its revised immigration levels plan for 2022 -2024
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 15 Feb, 2022 | 05:11 AM] 13319

Under the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024, Canada raises its aim to welcome 432,000 immigrants in 2022.... Read More

Canada’s employment rate slowed in January due to Omicron
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 07 Feb, 2022 | 04:51 AM] 868

In January, businesses of Canada were forced to close due to an increase in Omicron illnesses. As a result,... Read More

New Record Set for Job Vacancies in Canada
By Eva Olsen [Published 05 Feb, 2022 | 04:23 AM] 7869

According to November data, the number of job openings was down 9.3% from October, although still much... Read More

Latest Survey: Canada Immigration still in high demand
By Eva Olsen [Published 31 Jan, 2022 | 04:41 AM] 1280

According to a recent study of over 13,000 prospective immigrants, there is still a lot of interest in moving... Read More

IRCC working on successful implementation of the Express Entry Program
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 26 Jan, 2022 | 05:21 AM] 1779

Restoring Express Entry is critical to Canada's economic recovery. However, an internal IRCC briefing note... Read More

Immigration Levels Plan for Canada 2022-24 will be revealed soon
By Eva Olsen [Published 19 Jan, 2022 | 04:03 AM] 2347

When the Canadian government will unveil its Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 in February, it will deliver a... Read More

New travel guidelines for Canada immigration
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 17 Jan, 2022 | 05:11 AM] 1173

To cross the border, essential travelers must be completely immunized. Unvaccinated Canadians may be... Read More

Added jobs in Canada led to decreasing unemployment levels
By Joseph Parker [Published 10 Jan, 2022 | 05:32 AM] 1049

According to the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey, employment increased, and unemployment decreased in... Read More

A preview of Canadian Immigration in 2022
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 05 Jan, 2022 | 03:05 AM] 1440

With all the reforms, draws, and hiatus in the Canadian immigration structure in 2021, it is now crucial to... Read More

Third-quarter of 2021: Canada's employment openings hit an all-time high
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 27 Dec, 2021 | 04:52 AM] 752

Job openings at an all-time high have corresponded with increased total employment and decreased... Read More

One year has passed since FSWP applicants were asked to apply through Express Entry
By Joseph Parker [Published 22 Dec, 2021 | 05:11 AM] 963

A look back at Express Entry's historic year, as well as a look ahead. The last time candidates for the... Read More

Omicron factor forced Canada to reinstate fresh travel advisories
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 16 Dec, 2021 | 05:42 AM] 919

This phase is really a testing time for the Canadian economy and IRCC as it will have a huge impact on the... Read More

Unemployment rates fall to 6% in Canada, Job growth opportunities boosts
By Joseph Parker [Published 06 Dec, 2021 | 05:22 AM] 823

Canadian employers add up 1,54,000 jobs to their labour market. This led to a point higher in the employment... Read More

IRCC clearing piled-up Express Entry cases before inviting FSWP and CEC candidates
By Joseph Parker [Published 26 Nov, 2021 | 04:35 AM] 1582

As per the recent IRCC reports, the department is looking forward to reducing the accumulated Express Entry... Read More

Canada moving ahead with stable employment rates
By Joseph Parker [Published 10 Nov, 2021 | 05:42 AM] 692

A short analysis on labour shortages despite the rising employment rates in the Canadian market. In recent... Read More

Canada's employment returns to pre-pandemic levels
By Joseph Parker [Published 18 Oct, 2021 | 04:45 AM] 634

Last month, the Canadian economy added 157,000 jobs, bringing the employment rate to within a percentage... Read More

In August 2021, Canada received about 38,000 new immigrants
By Joseph Parker [Published 06 Oct, 2021 | 04:48 AM] 1067

According to new statistics received by CIC Times from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC),... Read More

The province of Ontario has invited 72 workers to apply for PNP
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 23 Sep, 2021 | 05:22 AM] 554

The third In-Demand Skills stream draw in Ontario was also the biggest one. On September 22, Ontario invited... Read More

Direct flights between Canada and India will resume on September 27
By Eva Olsen [Published 23 Sep, 2021 | 04:28 AM] 640

Next week, Canada will relax the prohibition on direct flights to India. According to a media announcement,... Read More

Canada Employment Rate Plunges as 90,000 newly Employed
By Joseph Parker [Published 14 Sep, 2021 | 05:40 AM] 771

Latest survey by Canada's Labour Force prompts an upsurge in employment.The latest August 2021 statistics of... Read More

COVID-19 has created 9 new employment opportunities in Manitoba
By Joseph Parker [Published 10 Sep, 2021 | 05:36 AM] 620

COVID-19 pandemic led to the increase in demand for certain Manitoba vocations. According to a research led... Read More

Canada now open for fully vaccinated tourists
By Eva Olsen [Published 08 Sep, 2021 | 04:25 AM] 879

As of September 7, 2021, Canada's borders will be open to fully immunized travellers. Travellers who want to... Read More

Canada's flight restrictions against India will be extended through September
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 11 Aug, 2021 | 05:23 AM] 566

According to Transport Canada, direct flights between Canada and India will be suspended until September 21 Read More

Canada is now home to 35,000 new immigrants in June
By Joseph Parker [Published 28 Jul, 2021 | 04:39 AM] 640

Post Covid-19 recovery, immigration levels are on the rise as Canada welcomes over 30k permanent residents in... Read More

Flight bans connecting India and Canada extended till 21st August
By Joseph Parker [Published 20 Jul, 2021 | 04:16 AM] 771

The international flight ban from India is expected to end on August 21.The flight connecting India to Canada... Read More

Canada immigration: new rules on travel restrictions to be announced latest by tomorrow
By Eva Olsen [Published 19 Jul, 2021 | 05:28 AM] 536

After a year, Canada's present border restrictions are said to expire on July 21. Policies governing tourism... Read More

Ways to travel to Canada with your CoPR during COVID
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 26 Jun, 2021 | 05:40 AM] 576

After 15 months, Canada's border reopened to approved permanent residents. All the new permanent residents... Read More

Approved immigrants can now travel to Canada as of June 21
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 22 Jun, 2021 | 04:08 AM] 559

All valid Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) holders can complete their arrival in Canada as of... Read More

Canada extends travel restrictions to July 21
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 19 Jun, 2021 | 04:54 AM] 769

The federal government of Canada has confirmed that they are extending the travel restrictions on... Read More

Canada to lift quarantine on exempt travelers by early July
By Joseph Parker [Published 10 Jun, 2021 | 05:39 AM] 589

Canadians and exempt travelers who are fully vaccinated will soon have a modified quarantine requirement when... Read More

Canadian healthcare vacancies hit a record high during the pandemic
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 08 Jun, 2021 | 05:29 AM] 652

Despite the increased demand due to COVID-19, Canada is still short of thousands of healthcare... Read More

Synopsis on PNP's immigration result for May 2021
By Eva Olsen [Published 03 Jun, 2021 | 04:42 AM] 891

There has been significant activity in Canada's Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).The majority of the... Read More

Canada extends travel restrictions to June 21
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 22 May, 2021 | 04:02 AM] 857

Canada has extended the travel restrictions to June 21 to curb the spread of COVID-19. Read More

Canada Immigration: A Snapshot of rest of 2021
By Joseph Parker [Published 21 May, 2021 | 04:50 AM] 941

Canada immigration's trajectory will be based on two major issues - containing COVID-19 and federal... Read More

Canada immigration on course to achieve its target despite the pandemic
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 14 May, 2021 | 04:14 AM] 589

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 22,425 new immigrants for permanent residency in... Read More

Canada to suspend on entry of International Students to Ontario
By Eva Olsen [Published 03 May, 2021 | 05:14 AM] 770

Canadian Prime Minister - Justin Trudeau has initiated measures suspending entry of international students... Read More

Canada introduces tighter travel restrictions amid the increase in COVID-19 variants
By Eva Olsen [Published 23 Apr, 2021 | 04:21 AM] 628

As Canada sees an increase in COVID-19 cases involving new variants, the federal government announced on... Read More

Canada travel restrictions extended again
By Scarlett Wilson [Published 21 Apr, 2021 | 05:25 AM] 798

Canada has extended travel restrictions until May 21, 2021, for travelers from all countries, including the... Read More

Online portal launched for 7 immigration programs
By Eva Olsen [Published 19 Apr, 2021 | 04:10 AM] 639

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced an online portal for permanent residence on... Read More

Canada Immigration update: 6 new programs introduced
By Joseph Parker [Published 15 Apr, 2021 | 05:10 AM] 948

Essential workers, international graduate students, and Francophones in Canada will have six new pathways to... Read More

February - Strong month for Canada Immigration
By Eva Olsen [Published 14 Apr, 2021 | 04:58 AM] 636

Canada is on track to meet its goal of welcoming 401,000 new immigrants in 2021.This afternoon, Immigration,... Read More

No more automatic extending deadlines for PR Visa applications
By Joseph Parker [Published 13 Apr, 2021 | 04:55 AM] 568

As immigration services begin to reopen around the world, Canada's Immigration Department is reducing a... Read More

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New Record Set for Job Vacancies in Canada
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