Things to note before Canada resumes Express Entry

By Eva Olsen [Published 05 Jul, 2022 | 05:10 AM] 837
Things to note before Canada resumes Express Entry

In an official update made by Sean Fraser on June 2022, the Express Entry draws will restart as planned from July 6,2022. In addition to the April commitment, the IRCC pledged to restore the Express Entry service standard to six months once the all-program draws begin. In a reminder made yesterday, Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST), and Canada Experience Class Program (CEC) Express Entry draws will resume on 6 July, according to a tweet from Immigration Minister Sean Fraser.

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Here are five things to note and understand about the Express Entry:

1. What is CRS? 

Candidates for skilled worker immigration to Canada through Express Entry are ranked using the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in Canada. Based on their human capital, the CRS assesses each applicant (as well as their spouse or partner, if they have applied together). Canada considers a candidate's age, education, proficiency in either English or French, work experience, and other factors. Following that, candidates receive a CRS score from the Canadian government based on their human capital traits.

2. What is an ITA? 

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sends invitations to apply to individuals in the Express Entry pool. An invitation to apply, or ITA, is required in order to submit an application for Canadian permanent residence. Approximately 80% of Express Entry applications are processed in six months or less. Candidates who are invited may immigrate to Canada with any accompanying relatives, if any. A spouse, common-law partner, and any dependent children may be included in this. A candidate's initial Express Entry profile must have listed all accompanying family members. 

3. What is FSWP?

Three Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada employ the Express Entry application management system. The FSWP is your greatest Express Entry option if you have never lived in Canada before and are not a skilled trades professional. You must first check to determine if you meet the requirements of the FSWP. You then send in your Express Entry profile. A Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score will be assigned to you based on your age, education, language proficiency, and work experience, among other things. The Canadian government holds Express Entry lotteries regularly every two weeks, asking those with the highest CRS scores to apply for permanent residency. You can anticipate getting your permanent residency status within six months of completing your finished application, and then receive permanent residency.

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4. What is FSTP?

You must fulfil a number of requirements (some of which overlap with the CRS standards of the Express Entry system) before you can construct your profile through Express Entry in order to be eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. These specifications are particular to this program and must correspond to one of the listed skilled trades. The following major National Occupational Classification NOC groups are used to classify skilled trade occupations that are eligible under the Federal Skilled Trades Program. All of the groupings are of skill type B and are separated into several jobs. You must provide evidence that you fulfilled the obligations outlined in the NOC's occupational description.

5. What is CEC?

Candidates with recent Canadian job experience who want to immigrate permanently to Canada should apply for the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program. A CEC application can be processed in as little as three to four months, making it one of the quickest paths to permanent residence in Canada. A candidate must have at least 12 months of full-time (or an equivalent number of part-time) skilled job experience in Canada to be qualified for CEC. The Canadian job experience must to be recent—within three years of the application's submission date. Foreign nationals without recent Canadian job experience are not eligible for CEC.

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